Phoebe Waller-Bridge Wants to Be a Villanelle Victim on Killing Eve

The creator of Killing Eve plans to write herself into season three.

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Michael Kovac

You can put your Fleabag meets Killing Eve fan fiction away, because Phoebe Waller-Bridge is ready to write it for you.

It turns out that Waller-Bridge, creator of both Killing Eve and Fleabag, can’t wait to finally put a bit of herself into the former. Though she had a starring role in Fleabag, she has not appeared in any episodes of the first two seasons of Killing Eve, but she may have some plans to write a character for herself to be included in season three of the Golden Globe– and BAFTA-winning series.

Although it should be made clear: Waller-Bridge doesn’t want to simply have a cameo on Killing Eve. She wants her character, whomever it may be, to be murdered by Villanelle, the assassin played by Jodie Comer.

Waller-Bridge admitted to the Mirror that when Killing Eve was in development, she initially considered playing either Villanelle or Eve, but eventually opted to stay behind the camera and insisted there be a significant age difference between the two characters. “I just had a really strong instinct that there should be this age gap, because I just felt like it was something I hadn’t seen. I’m not a 25-year-old Jodie Comer—I mean, let’s be frank. And I don’t know if I could have scaled a wall quite like she could have done, and I’m not in my early 40s, either,” she said.

As outlined in The New Yorker, there is a growing trend in which members of the millennial (and Gen Z) subset ask to be stepped on, crushed, or even murdered by their celebrity crushes. It would appear that Waller-Bridge is no exception to this inexorable coil of pleasure and pain. “I was like, I am going to write myself a part so that I can be murdered by Jodie,” she told the Mirror. Considering the various disturbing ways that Villanelle killed her targets in the last two seasons, one can hardly imagine what grisly horrors await her victims in season three.

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