[#image: /photos/58538dead3b7a5db18f3b864]||||||[#image: /photos/58538dead3b7a5db18f3b866]||||||Most seen hair accessory so far this week? The hair pin! At Carolina Herrera (left), hairstylist Orlando Pita set hair into unconstructed buns, then patterned lined-up rows of 6 or so bobby pins set at all different angles. He then embellished the look by adding little copper colored flowers that Herrera had used to adorn the shoes she sent down her runway. "We took them off the shoes that weren't being used," Pita said, smiling conspiratorially. "Then we kept them in the hair with even more bobby pins!" At Donna Karan (below), hairstylist Eugene Souleiman draped a piece of hair over the off-center bun he created, then decorated the look with about 100 hair pins inserted throughout the style. "It's for decoration, but it's also holds the style in place."


Photos: Kyle Ericksen.