With Meghan Markle's previous life as an actress and Prince Harry's Princely circle of friends, there's no doubt the couple's May 19 royal wedding will have its fair share of A-list guests. While no one has officially landed a coveted invite to the wedding of the year just yet, there's at least one celeb who's practically guaranteed an in—actress Priyanka Chopra.

Chopra, who's been one of Markle's pals for the past two years, recently opened up to E! News about the future bride and groom. Despite not yet receiving an official invite to her friend's wedding, Chopra is already brainstorming potential wedding gifts, and feels confident Markle will love whatever she chooses. "She's like if you give her a book, she'll be happy. Like, as long as it's thoughtful," Chopra said during the interview. "So I don't think it'll be really hard because she's never been the kind of girl who's like 'Oh, I want the newest bag,' or 'I want…' She's just a very girl's girl. She's very down to earth, so I don't think it'll be really hard."

Chopra added that Markle "is just super down to earth and really chill. She always has been that, and she's still like that—that is what I love about her, and that's why...she'll be really an icon for young girls around the world."

Even though she doesn't know Markle's future groom very well, Chopra seems to give their marriage her stamp of approval. "I mean I've spoken to him and Meg a couple times, but I haven't been around in London like at all," she admitted when asked whether she had met Harry. But, she went on to say that "They're so happy and so in love. It's so normal and sweet and yet not normal at all, so I'm super happy for her, I really am."

Chopra revealed on Wendy Williams's show that she first met Markle at a party, and the pair "got on really well." Since then, the 36-year-old actress has truly proved herself a worthy friend to Markle after standing up for the soon-to-be-bride on several occasions. After Markle's Vanity Fair spread last year, when she opened up for the first time about her private relationship with Prince Harry and revealed (to everyone's satisfaction) that they are in fact in love, Chopra was irritated that the interview focused largely on the royal redhead. "It would have been nice to write about her not just her boyfriend. I'm just saying. I mean, she's an actor, she's an activist, she's a philanthropist. I mean, she does so much more," Chopra said, addressing gender equality in Hollywood.

After Harry and Markle's engagement announcement, Chopra also showed her support via Instagram. She posted a snapshot of the duo, writing "Congratulations to my girl @meghanmarkle and Prince Harry!! I’m so happy for you Meg! You deserve the best always..keep smiling that infectious smile. Xoxo."

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