By this point, the term "festival style” brings to mind a certain image, however at the 2017 installment of Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, the flower crowns and fringe were few and far between. Fans of artists like Solange Knowles, LCD Soundsystem, A Tribe Called Quest, and more preferred more unique looks, ranging from the eccentric, head-to-toe vintage to the minimalist. After all, Coachella it is not. Here, 15 of the festival-goers explain their looks, and reveal their must-have essential.

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Teddy Wolff

Jamila Woods
Wearing: "Orange shorts because wear orange for Hadiya Pendleton and to end gun violence. My whole outfit is from KOKOROKOKO, a vintage store in Lincoln Park," she says. "I like to be comfortable and feel like myself and hopefully wear something unique."
Festival survival essential: "Carmex to keep my lips popping."
Song of the summer: "I really like SZA’s whole new album but I really like 'Love Galore.'”

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Ashley Ryann
Wearing: "Uniqlo and Chinese eBay, ripping off a Chicago artist. This shirt in particular borrows from Chicago design," Ryann says. "[I'm a monolithic minimalist. I only pretty much wear white, black, and greys with a pop of color every once in awhile."
Festival survival essential: "My jean jacket. As soon as it gets chilly, my jean jacket goes on."
Song of the summer: "I’ve been listening to a lot of pop music like Chance the Rapper, DJ Khaled, and Justin Bieber’s 'I’m the One.'”

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Jada Washington
Wearing: "These pants are from Zara. I thrifted the shirt from Goodwill. My shoes are docs and these tights are from Forever 21," Washington says. "I don’t really know what my style is yet. It changes. I go thrifting a lot, so I like vintage clothes and Doc Martens and platform shoes."
Festival survival essential: "Glitter."
Song of the summer: “'Show Me Love' by Skrillex and Chance the Rapper."

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Webster X
Wearing: "A thrifted, multi-colored shirt I got from Milwaukee, Wisconsin," he says. "I wear whatever I want. It’s skate-influenced, African-influenced--my parents are from Ethiopia. Sometimes I’ll wear a Tame Impala shirt."
Festival survival essential: "Topo Chico and weed."
Song of the summer: "I’m such a logical dude, so for the people it’d probably be that weak-ass Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper song 'I’m the One.' For me, it’s probably Kendrick Lamar’s 'Element.' That song is so good."

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Tom Slazinski
Wearing: "My mechanic jumpsuit and leftover bits from Mardi Gras, which I bedazzled," Slazinski says. "[My style is] a little high low, emphasis on low."
Festival survival essential: "Sunglasses."
Song of the summer: "Angel Olsen's 'Heart-Shaped Face.'”

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Bridget Johnson
Wearing: "This purse is Prada and everything else is from eBay. My shoes are Supra. I do a lot of eBay-ing, almost everything is from there. A little bit athletic. As I get older, all that I want is to be comfortable."
Festival survival essential: "Sunscreen and highlighter is fun because there’s so much light to make it come to life."
Song of the summer: "Probably LCD Soundsystem’s, 'All My Friends.'”

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Che Whitney
Wearing: "A champion shirt, jeans I got from a thrift store and Birkenstocks that are super disgusting. No good shoes at a festival! It's a cross between Kanye West, Diana Ross and vintage streetwear Barbie."
Festival survival essential: "Something to keep the lips moisturized, like M.A.C. boy bae or Jack Black chapstick."
Song of the summer: “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti.

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Gabby Exner
Wearing: "Solid and Stripes swimsuit, vintage Tommy Hilfiger jeans, vintage shoes, and vintage glasses. It’s a little modern vintage. I like to mix in lots of vintage pieces."
Festival survival essential: Sunscreen.

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Teddy Wolff

Vincent Martell
Wearing: "I’m wearing a lot of things. It’s a combination from my friend’s late mom who passed recently and vintage. It’s an armor of patterns, prints and colors and shiny things."
Festival survival essential: "Rose water. A spritz right before you leave on top of moisturizer."
Song of the summer: "Jamila Woods featuring Chance the Rapper 'LSD.'”

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Teddy Wolff

Anna Ha
Wearing: "This is a vintage jumpsuit from the ‘60s," says Ha. "[My style is} a mix of vintage and very sleek modern."
Festival survival essential: "Tinted lipbalm by NYX."
Song of the summer: "I don’t know if it counts but Carly Rae Jepsen’s 'It’s a Feeling' from last year."

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Elijah McKinnon
Wearing: "Head-to-toe thrifted denim and a tectite necklace, which comes from part of a meteorite. It’s a nice little gem. [My style is], 'rolled out of bed ready to mingle!"
Festival survival essential: "Water, top shelf liquor and three balanced meals."
Song of the summer: “'Love Galore' by SZA. I really enjoy the dynamic between her and Travis Scott — it makes me warm inside, and it reminds me of my relationships, whether good or bad."

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Lorena Cupcake
Wearing: "A crushed velvet bodysuit by L.A.-based designer Laina Rauma, who does body-conscious Instagram thot-wear and MM6 sneakers. I like to call [my style] the Mexican Peggy Bundy or candy raver grown up and trying not to fall asleep at the party."
Festival survival essential: "I have these anti-bacterial wipes in my bag that I use to wipe off my hands and use the other side to wipe off excess glitter." Song of the summer: “'Go With the Flow' by Uno The Activist."

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Andrew Asuncion
Wearing: "All vintage, Street Rat socks. I try to be very minimal. These blue jeans are the only color you’re going to find on me at any given time. My hair changes drastically every week. Last week, it was bright yellow. Now it’s kind of faded, like a Justin Bieber, N’SYNC look. Next I’m going to go bright pink."
Festival survival essential: "Boots so I can trudge through this festival with no worries."
Song of the summer: “'Don’t Touch My Hair' by Solange."

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Ashley Ray
Wearing: "An Alamo harness and an Urban Outfitters dress that was $15. I like to be sexual and vulnerable in public and that’s what I try to bridge — public sexuality at all times. I wear a lot of chokers and harnesses."
Festival survival essential: "Makeup wipes are so refreshing when you get sweaty. The Neutrogena ones are easy."
Song of the summer: “'The Weeknd' by SZA. I date a lot of people who have girlfriends and she’s like 'Your girlfriend is your 9-5, I’m the weekend.'”

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Eric Dresner
Wearing: "A floor-length fleece snuggie with Scottie dogs, some glasses I got from the art institute, and a crown that was woven in the Philippines."
Festival survival essential: "A lot of different hats."
Song of the summer: "I’ve been into the same Carly Rae Jepsen songs for months. 'Making the Most of the Night' is a good one."

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