And the award for “most unique red-carpet glam” at the 2018 American Music Awards goes to...Poppy, who turned up on the red carpet with half of her face covered by a black latex mask.

The 23-year-old singer and YouTube star accessorized her pink gown—which gave serious “Rihanna at the 2015 Grammys” vibes—with black tights, black shoes, and the surprising headgear. She kept the rest of her beauty (as in, her eyes, which were the only part of her face visible) simple and shimmery, with a light dusting of glitter. On her Instagram Story, she showed off a black manicure in the same shade as her mask.

“They’re sending me to the #AMAs to talk to famous people,” the star tweeted over the weekend. (But is she able to speak through the mask?) And on the night of the event, she shared a picture to Instagram of her look with the caption, “I like American Music #AMAs.”

In the comments section of the photo, fans seem to be torn over what exactly to make of her mouth and nose covering. While some were very into the look (“I want the mask” was an echoing refrain), others were a bit confused as to why she chose to hide her face. Some also wondered whether the look was a sort of political statement. “Speak for the voiceless, sing for the universe,” wrote one user. “POPPY KILLING US WITH THE SOCIAL COMMENTARY! YAAAAASSS!!!” reacted another.

Poppy herself has yet to speak out on the meaning behind the look, perhaps because, well, she couldn’t. Heres hoping she unmasks and opens up soon.

POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 1

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 2

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POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 3

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POPPY Wears A Black Mask At The AMAs 4

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