Literally Fashionable

Prada SoHo was transformed into a classic salon for an evening of reading, writing, and partying

What: A celebration announcing the winners of the Prada Journal literary contest.

When: Wednesday, October 23

Where: Prada’s Epicenter store in SoHo, which was transformed into a theater for the occasion.

Who: Zoe Kazan, Gary Shteyngart, Anthony Mackie, Jay McInerny, and Jonathan Ames read the winning stories to a much-bespectacled crowd, which included Mamie Gummer, Giovanna Battaglia, and Paul Dano. Oliver Platt enthusiastically emceed.

Why: Is there a better setting for celebrating the writers of tomorrow than one filled with librarian-chic glasses? Doubtful.

Photos: Literally Fashionable

Oliver Platt and Zoe Kazan. Photo by

Anthony Mackie and Jonathan Ames. Photo by

Giovanna Battaglia and Sara Battaglia. Photo by

Mamie Gummer and Paul Dano. Photo by

Jay McInerney and Mattia Conti. Photo by

Gary Shteyngart and Jonathan Ames. Photo by

Zoe Kazan and Mamie Gummer. Photo by

Natalie Joos. Photo by

Peng Yang and Jonathan Ames. Photo by

The Prada store. Photo by