This past London Fashion Week, Prince Nikolai of Denmark made his modeling debut on the runway for Burberry, where he sported two plaid-heavy looks. It didn't take long after that for news to emerge that the 18-year-old heartthrob has signed with Denmark's Scoops Models agency.

Prince Nikolai's first official headshots circulated after the company posted them to Instagram and, shortly after, a representative for the agency confirmed to Danish newspaper Billedbladet that they had signed him. "I can confirm that he is with us and that it was us who booked him for the Burberry show at London Fashion Week," the rep said.

While this isn't the first time royals and the fashion industry have intersected — just this past fashion month Queen Elizabeth II sat front row at Richard Quinn, while Lady Amelia Windsor, the granddaughter of the Queen's cousin, walked for Dolce & Gabbana — it might be the most notable one. Prince Nikolai, after all, is sixth in line for the Danish throne. Perhaps also uncannily, Nikolai has won the royal support of his family in pursuing a career outside of the norm. Last year, his father Prince Joachim defended his son's decision to lead a life outside of royal protocol, telling Billedbladet that Nikolai "should not be forced into something. Nikolai’s future shall be conducted entirely by his own plan."

For those unfamiliar, Prince Nikolai is the first born of his father Prince Joachim and his first wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg. He became sixth in line to the throne several days after he popped up on the runway for Burberry when his grandfather, Prince Henrik died on February 13, as People notes. According to his mother Countess Alexandra, Nikolai and Prince Felix were “thankful to have been able to say goodbye” to him, as she revealed to Denmark's Ekstra Bladet, per Royal Central. “The princes are very concerned about the situation, but they were really happy to say goodbye to their beloved grandpa and happy that he got such a nice end to a very nice life.”