We all know Europeans love Eurovision, a continental music competition where each country sends a pop song representative of its culture. Perhaps some day we'll have a similar dance competition in which each state sends its single most representative person to step off against each other (it's not unimaginable. We did steal Dancing With the Stars from Europe).

In the meantime, we'll have to settle for something of a makeshift viral video dance-off between England's future leader and one of France's national treasures.

In the English corner, in the appropriately tailored button up with the sleeves rolled up, the future king with the swing, Prince William.

In the French corner, wearing the effortlessly chic black ensemble, two-time César Award winner, and recent Academy Award nominee, Isabelle Huppert.

Yes, both the single most English person alive and the single most French person alive have both been caught on camera dancing in videos that have since gone viral.

It's TMZ, of course, that brings us the video of William dancing. The Prince was on a ski trip with buddies in Verbier, Switzerland when he decided to let loose sans Kate (don't worry, TMZ says his dancing remained strictly solo throughout the night).

It's not quite the elegant dance performance his mother Princess Diana memorable gave at the White House opposite John Travolta back in 1985, but as far as "father of two blowing off some steam on a bros' only vacation" genre of dance goes, it's nothing to sneer at. We've seen much, much worse.

Huppert's entry comes via the Instagram of fellow French actor Richard Berry and appears to take place at an exceedingly French party in Paris. We believe that's Gaspard Ulliel who can be spotted tapping his foot along in the background as Berry pans across the shindig. At first Huppert is content to hold court at a side table as the DJ spins Justin Timberlake's classic "SexyBack." No American dance tunes for her, thank you. It's only when the DJ fades into some likewise exceedingly French pop song (perhaps the French Timberlake of his day, Johnny Hallyday?) that Huppert jumps from her perch on to the dance floor with glee and holds nothing back.

While both gave great performances, they're can only be one winner and it's clear that Isabelle Huppert is it. While Prince William's moves are serviceable, it's Huppert who really stepped it up to own the dance floor with her ecstatic arm flailing.

Congratulations Huppert. You may have lost an Oscar to Emma Stone's song and dance numbers, but at least you've won this dance-off.

Huppert will now move into the finals of "Most European People Ever Dance Competition" whenever it is that a video of German Chancellor Angela Merkel doing the Funky Chicken emerges.

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