Princess Beatrice Wants Chrissy Teigen To Be Her Godmother

Princess Beatrice would like to submit her name for consideration.

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Is your name Bea? Good, then you, too, could be in the running for adoption into Chrissy Teigen’s family, and who wouldn’t want that? On Friday, the model, cookbook author, and mother of Luna Simone and Miles tweeted that, while she’s “not ready for another daughter,” she really loves the name “Bea,” thinks it’s “such an adorable name,” and thus would like someone else to name their kid Bea so Teigen can be the child’s godparent. (This must be a human child, she noted: “John says no more dogs.”)

The tweet, it seems, acted as something of a bat signal for Britain’s most famous Bea: Princess Beatrice of York, eighth in line for the throne, named for the fifth daughter of Queen Victoria. On Twitter, where her handle is @yorkiebea, she replied, “I would adore to be your god daughter.” Not love; adore. Judging by Teigen’s reaction, the feeling is mutual: “oh my god oh my god oh my god,” she replied to Beatrice’s tweet.

God-parenting the royal might not so far-fetched; Beatrice, unlike the rest of her family, is based in New York; the Legend-Teigen family happens to also own an apartment in Nolita. Teigen is also quite well acquainted with another royal: Meghan Markle. Once upon a time, the two of them were both briefcase models on Deal or No Deal.

Princess Beatrice faces some stiff competition, though. Actor Mia Farrow jumped into a comments with a selfie with her granddaughter, Bea, and, judging by the more than 3,000 replies at the time of publication, there are more than a few Beas roaming the earth. The Twitter exchange has also caused the late Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur to trend, because the internet. Teigen clarified an important point, though: “no you weirdos. not bee-UH. bea like bee like honeybee.” Bee-UHs need not apply.