It's no secret that the transition from movie star to Monaco royal to mother couldn't have been easy on Grace Kelly, but a new book reveals just how difficult it was for the whole family to stay close. Prince Albert and Princess Caroline, the son and daughter of Kelly and Prince Rainier, were interviewed for Albert II of Monaco, the Man and the Prince, published in honor of Prince Albert’s 60th birthday on March 14. In it, Princess Caroline reveals: "For my brother and I, Maureen [Wood, their nanny] was the key figure in our life. When we were little, we were probably closer to our nanny than to our parents.”

According to People, the young royals would cry and beg Wood not to leave every summer when she went on vacation. "We were sad for days," says Princess Caroline. "Most often than not, our mother would end up calling her to ask her to come home earlier than planned.”

Perhaps part of the reason Wood was so beloved was her creativity; in the book, she reveals that one night, when Kelly and Prince Rainier were away at a wedding, she threw her own mini-gala for the kids. “I decided that we would have our own gala dinner at the Palace,” Wood says. “The chef cooked a special menu, Caroline wore one of her mother’s gown, Albert wore a uniform, and I wore a gown too. Then we put on music, and we danced.” Um, can you be my nanny?

According to the Daily Mail, the parents and children didn't even have dinners together until the kids were 14.

Hopefully, the family is closer now than it was a generation or two ago. In happier news, Princess Caroline's daughter Charlotte Casiraghi just announced her engagement to Dimitri Rassam. Maybe this time the whole family, nannies included, can go to the wedding?

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