There's no question that Princess Diana was an icon of 1980's fashion. There is, however, a question of whether we ought to be bringing all of 80's fashion back, even with a woman as classy and elegant as the late Lady Di as inspiration. Elizabeth Emanuel, one of the designers who crafted Diana's legendary balloon-sleeved wedding gown, has no such reservations, and is set to launch a new line next year that will "capture the energy of the 1980s and offer a dynamic twist on current trends," per People. At the time, Diana going with the less-experienced and lesser-known Emanuels was something of a surprise, but the unusual dress instantly put them in the spotlight. In case your memory isn't crystal-clear, this is what Diana Spencer got married in:

Royal Wedding, 1981, Prince Charles, Diana Princess of Wales

Ron Bull/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Listen. It was 1981. Diana was like, 12. (Okay, she was 20.) There was no Project Runway, there was no Say Yes To The Dress (the UK version of which, by the way, Emanuel's then-husband and design partner David now works on). There was, of course, Vogue magazine, but, you know, whatever. It looks glamorous but yeah, pretty dated. The dress happened, people lost their minds, the world moved on.

Emanuel, who looks like the British Patricia Field, or maybe the British Betsey Johnson, told People that the new label, Emanuel Mayfair, “will have the spirit of Emanuel from the days when we made dresses some of the most of the most iconic women of the time like Elizabeth Taylor, Carolina Herrera and Joan Collins, but is taking it into the present... That whole period of time was wonderful but this will capture that but will also look contemporary and edgy. I’m bringing back the spirit in a new form after all these years. We will concentrate on bridal wear and evening wear – things to get dressed up in, pieces that are handcrafted and made to order.”

The first collection is due in Summer or Fall. Too late for Meghan Markle's Spring wedding, sadly.

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