Sure most of the world only became acutely acquainted with Meghan Markle through her high-profile relationship with Prince Harry, but that still doesn't mean one should refer to her only as the royal family member's lovely girlfriend. Priyanka Chopra, a good friend of Markle's knows that all too well, and is willing to unapologetically clap back if anyone thinks differently.

During a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show—where Chopra discussed everything from the Bollywood industry to her new villainous role in Baywatch—Williams not-so-subtly brought up that Chopra was close with Markle, whom Williams characterized as "Prince Harry's girlfriend." Chopra's facial expressed immediately turned stern, and she responded with the following: "Also, Meghan Markle, actress, Suits, her achievements. Just saying."

"OK, I understand that," Williams retorted, continuing. "But do you think they'll get married?" In slightly better spirits, Chopra responded: "I don't know, I hope so. She seems happy...I think they look great together. High-profile relationships are so stressful anyway. As a friend, I wouldn't want to add to that at all." Pressing on even further, Williams asked if Chopra would serve as a bridesmaid if a royal wedding between the two ever took place. "I don't think I'm that close to her," Chopra said. "I've known her about two years now, we randomly met at a party and got on really well. So I don't know if I'll get an invite, if I'm even invited."

Besides her best-known screen role in the U.S. legal drama Suits, Markle is a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, and frequently works as an advocate for the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Recently, she even penned a moving essay about what it's like to be a biracial woman in Hollywood. "I took an African-American studies class at Northwestern where we explored colorism; it was the first time I could put a name to feeling too light in the black community, too mixed in the white community," she wrote. "For castings, I was labeled ‘ethnically ambiguous.’ Was I Latina? Sephardic? ‘Exotic Caucasian’?...add the freckles to the mix and it created quite the conundrum.”

So, she's certainly a lot more than just a girlfriend.

And, after that defense, maybe we wouldn't be surprise if Chopra ends up getting an invitation to the wedding. Should it happen, of course.

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