Queen Elizabeth II is famously fond of two things: Corgis and hats. From pastel-colored pillboxes to polka-dot turbans to Cossack-style furballs, she's rarely seen without some type of outfit-coordinated headgear. So it's completely unsurprising that she was recently spotted hanging out near the hat display at the mall.

As The Cut reported, the queen dropped by British department store Fenwick on Friday for a private tour. (Express reported that she was visiting the town of Bracknell's recently renovated town center.) Dressed in a Tiffany-blue coat-dress and (of course) a matching hat festooned with salmon-colored blossoms (it's the same one she wore on her 91st birthday), she was photographed making a beeline for the hat department, where the staff showed off a selection of six royal wedding–worthy hats.

According to those present, the Queen is apparently branching out and taking risks with her hat aesthetic. "We showed her the Rachel Trevor-Morgan hat and she commented on its unusual teardrop shape and said she'd never worn that shape," Angela Basten, Fenwick's resident buyer of hats, told Express. The publication reported that the Trevor-Morgan hat in question is £895 (around $1,169), while another one she had her eye on, by Vivien Sheriff and decorated with partridge and goose feathers, goes for £995 (around $1,300). She was reportedly also taken with a purple hat shaped like a bowl. It is unclear whether she was successful in her hat search.

Queen Elizabeth II hats embed


She did, however, seem to derive much enjoyment from her hat-centric excursion. Basten told Express that she even cracked a joke. "When we were looking at the Vivien Sheriff hat she said it would have been good for [Princess Eugenie's] wedding because it wouldn't have flown off—she was making reference to what a windy day it was," she said, according to the Express.