Not Even Kate Middleton Knows If Queen Elizabeth II Eats Pizza

Primary school kids can be a tough crowd.

TOLGA AKMEN/Getty Images

Plenty of tidbits about Queen Elizabeth and the royal family makes their way into our history books, onto our television screens, and across our Instagram feeds, there are still so many questions that remain unanswered.

When Kate Middleton visited St. Jude and St. Paul’s CE Primary School on Tuesday morning, she was tasked with coming up with answers to questions that not even the most hard-hitting journalists have asked. The students participated in a pizza-making workshop, making pies with ingredients they cultivated themselves in the school garden. It was in this workshop that the Duchess of Cambridge was asked a few very salient questions by some very inquisitive young minds. In fact, these questions were so striking to Kate that she was stumped to come up with answers to everything, but before the inquisition, she posed a few questions herself.

As they all rolled the dough, Kate asked the children what their ideal pizza toppings were, and one kid suggested the Duchess try cucumber on her pie, which elicited a genuinely shocked response from a royal likely expecting to hear about tomatoes and cheese rather than gourd vegetables. “Cucumber? I have never heard,” Kate replied. She then asked the kids if any of them had ever tried to put bacon on their pizza, which didn’t go over so well with this particularly tough crowd. You don’t think that sounds good?” she asked. “Well, I quite like that. It’s like having pepperoni but its not spicy,” she went on.

Then, a pointed question about the royal family: “Does the Queen ever have pizza?” one student asked. “That’s a good question!” Kate replied, and it is a fair point. In almost 67 years of her reign, has anyone ever looked into whether or not Her Majesty ever digs into a pizza? It’s almost unimaginable to think of Queen Elizabeth II eating pizza, and if she does, she most likely is not one to fold up a slice with her hand. Not even a quick google image search for “Queen Elizabeth” and “pizza” can reveal any photographs of Her Majesty cutting into a pizza with a fork and a knife, which is likely the way a royal would have to eat pizza, especially if they were being photographed.

There are plenty of rules and etiquette concerning food, like the fact that the royal family is not supposed to eat shellfish as the risk of food poisoning is high, and the Queen famously does not care for pasta and therefore does not serve it in her home. If the Queen does not eat pasta, it might not be too much of a stretch to imagine that she is not a fan of pizza, either, but not even Kate knows if it’s allowed for dinner in Buckingham Palace. “I don’t know,” she told the students. “Maybe next time I see her, should I ask?” she pondered. These primary school kids are so good at cross-examination, you’d think they were in an investigative journalism class, not a community garden rolling out dough for pizzas.

At this point, the barrage of questions were still coming through for the Duchess. When another inquisitive child asked, “Can I see your children?” Kate replied, “They would love to come and do this with you. They’ll be very sad that I’ve been out here making pizzas with all of you, and they haven’t been here.” In fact, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte are at school these days, and George, specifically, is busy spending his days “learning about space.”

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