True to Form

Rogan Gregory turns to sculpture.

Rogan Gregory

Like his father, a sociology professor who created sculpture and clothing in his spare time, Rogan Gregory is a maker of things. And while best known as a fashion designer—currently he’s the creative director of Loomstate—he has been sculpting in his Montauk, New York, studio for years. Formed mostly in wood and bronze, the latter a material he respects for its permanence and its “soul,” his biomorphic pieces are open to interpretation. Where his daughter sees a pony, a friend sees a sexual object. “It’s like surfing—I never know where I’m going with it,” he says. At the prodding of R & Company’s Zesty Meyers and Evan Snyderman, Gregory has now begun showing his work. But his fashion fans need not fear—he has no plans to quit his day job. “The art and fashion feed off each other. I couldn’t do just one of them.”

Two of Gregory's bronze sculptures. Courtesy of R & Company.