Reformation’s Yael Aflalo is Very Tall and Don’t You Forget It

That’s why you’ll never find her in really, really girlie dresses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


Yael Aflalo, eminently cool founder of the of cult-favorite fashion label Reformation, has managed to build an eco-friedly, affordable essentials empire in just a short six years. Rihanna and Karlie Kloss are fans. The secret to her success? Aflalo has taken her personal Los Angeles cool-girl style, which revolves around vintage Levi’s, vegan leather jackets, and body-hugging basics, and translated it for the masses. Today, you won’t find yourself at a New York holiday party without a gaggle of girls dressed in plunging velvet necklines or a gingham romper and that’s all thanks to her and the hold her store has on young women’s imagination.

Occupation: Founder and chief executive of Reformation

Three words that describe your style: Effortless. Feminine. Short.

Daily uniform: A Reformation dress and a great pair of shoes or vintage jeans, a Reformation tee, and a leather jacket.

Preferred footwear: Flats, because I’m already so tall.

Finishing touches: A men’s vintage watch.

Nighttime look: Low and loose.

Style icons/inspirations: Bianca Jagger

Best recent discovery: Kari Gran Lip Whip

Favorite stores: Whole Foods and Net-a-Porter

Photo by Celeste Slomon.

Style pet peeve: Not dressing for your body type

Last purchase: I always spend my money on shoes. I most recently purchased the Chanel Two-Tone Slingbacks.

Lusting after: I’m on the hunt for a chunky pinky ring.

What’s always in your bag: Bose noise cancelling headphones, my laptop, and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.

Something you would never wear: Really girlie dresses. I look ridiculous in them because I’m so tall.

Most prized possession(s) in your closet: A vintage black Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress that I’ve been wearing for a million years and I still feel like a sexy ’80’s lady in it.

Winter wardrobe must-have(s): I’m layering our Reformation tees with everything – sweaters, floor length coats, leather jackets. They’re perfect for L.A., where the weather can change in an instant.

Photos: Reformation’s Yael Aflalo is Very Tall and Don’t You Forget It

Photo by Celeste Slomon.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.

Photo by @yaya_aflalo.