So Last Season


Sofia Bernardin and Sabrina Marshall.

It happens all the time: You see a designer piece from seasons past looking fabulous on someone else, and you kick yourself for not having bought it when you had the chance. For those frustrating moments, there is now Resee, a Paris-based website that allows users to shop a high-end selection of second-hand classics without slogging through endless hit-or-miss eBay pages. Culled from a global network of private collections, as well as vintage stores like Neila in Paris (which passed its entire stock on to Resee when it closed its doors earlier this month), the desirable cache currently includes an Isabel Marant fox fur coat, a Chloé python printed blouse, Céline nude pumps, and an Yves Saint Laurent hooded cape from the ‘70s—all in pristine condition. “We curate based on what we love,” says Sofia Bernardin, a former advertising executive for American, Chinese, and Japanese Vogue, who founded the site along with Sabrina Marshall, the former fashion editor of Self Service. And if their fine fashion pedigrees aren’t obvious from the site’s well-edited offerings, they are certainly apparent in its look. Clean and minimal, with artful still-life shots, Resee (a term used for the showroom visits editors and stylists make following the collections) reads like an elegant style magazine. “We felt there wasn’t a place out there that fused pieces from the past with more current looks in a way that was engaging, inspirational, and authentic,” says Marshall.