Phillips de Pury, the hip younger sibling of the auction “Big Three” is striking out again into unfamiliar territory (youthful experimentation, perhaps) with its latest SHOP installment: a non-gavel-banging retail venture that will occupy the first floor of the 450 Park Avenue space starting today. “We’ve always taken the opportunity to be a bit more experimental,” says Brent Dzekciorius, Retail Director for the gallery. “The auction world, in some cases, is quite stodgy, and retail was an opportunity to get new people interested in auction in a format that’s more familiar to them.”

Appropriately named Triumvirate, the store will house editioned works (with prices ranging from $3,000 to $80,000) from three of today’s most exciting furniture designers: Nendo, Faye Toogood, and Humans Since 1982. It will also mark the first time that any of the pieces, like Nendo’s 21400mm-chair, Faye Toogood’s Element Table/Blue resin, and Humans Since 1982’s Collection of Light 70, are shown in America.