Rihanna Gets A Documentary, Jeremy Scott Gets A Museum Exhibit


Rihanna performs during the ANTI world tour at the Barclays Center, March 27, 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

De Feo, Michael
Graffiti artist whose work has adorned — or defaced, depending on your perspective — bus shelters, magazine ads, and now a gallery in Amsterdam. And, despite his irreverent approach to fashion, everyone wants to work with him.

Film Festival, Tribeca
Robert De Niro's famed New York City film festival, replete with both art docs and It girls. Those two things don't really overlap, though.

Lopez, Jennifer
W's May cover star opens up about her non-stop schedule and the pitfalls of fame.

Photography, International Center of
Has announced the opening of its new digs June 23. This time, there's no apparent connection to Robert Durst.

Soon-to-be documentary subject. Whispers about the upcoming film started last year, but now it has a director: Battleship's Peter Berg. And, if that movie is any indicator, Berg has an appropriate sense of scale to bring to the project.

Scott, Jeremy
Self-professed "Barbie Boy" gets a museum retrospective at the Dallas Contemporary in 2017. (Don't tell Paris's Arts Decoratifs, which is currently hosting an actual Barbie exhibit.)

Wu, Jason
All grown up. At least, that's what he says about his new collection Grey Jason Wu. There will be bunny prints.

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