RIP @BadgalRiRi

We’re still mourning the loss of Rihanna’s spectacular Instagram account.

Rihanna surfboard

On May 5th, 2014, style icon and social media badass Rihanna deleted her beloved Instagram profile @badgirlriri to the bitter disappointment of her 12 million followers. Instantly, the Internet ran rampant with rumors about what prompted the incident—at first fingers pointed at Instagram and their prudish denunciation of full frontal nudity, which had been responsible for previous interruptions of the star’s sometimes salacious feed. However, it wasn’t until a week later, when the account hadn’t been restored and the app denied removing it, that the pain of the loss really started to set in for fans. Fake accounts and dedicated Facebook pages did little to assuage the vacuum left by the endless supply of pouty selfies, smoke-filled behind-the-scenes snaps, and booty-baring travel photos that comprised her account. While her followers can no longer give their double-tap of approval, the ghost of @badgirlriri lives on via her fans dedication—and her Twitter account—proving the adage that sometimes in love (and online stalking) compromises must be made. Here, on the occasion of Rihanna’s September 2014 W magazine cover, we bring you the best of @badgirlriri in doting memory.

Photos: RIP @BadgalRiRi