Rihanna Wears All of 2017's Biggest Trends in One Millennial Pink Outfit


Day by day, it's becoming easier to define Rihanna based on what she isn't than what she is: A chart-topping artist, beauty mogul, designer, actress, and a fashion icon. It's the latter, though, that Rihanna has most recently championed. Specifically, she did so while wearing every single one of 2017's breakout fashion and beauty trends.

While that task would be daunting to anyone else, Rihanna pulled it off with ease, nailing both monochromatic dressing and monochromatic makeup. She also proved that despite its now-ubiquity, millennial pink — which has been spotted everywhere this year from Frank Ocean's head to Zoë Kravitz's Met gown — is not yet dead. Rihanna wore the color from head to toe in a Nina Ricci dress and a matching trench coat. "When u feel he watching," she captioned one of her three posts on Instagram, which showed off her outfit that also consisted of the shoe trend of the moment: feathers.

This isn't the first time she's worn feather shoes. At the beginning of the month, Rihanna debuted Saint Laurent's "Yeti boots" off the runway. She shared a photo of them, which she paired with an Off-White turtleneck dress and denim jacket on Instagram.

Don't be surprised if the next time you see her pair feather boots, it happens to be with a statement top that has dramatic shoulders, as Rihanna recently told W she's been obsessing over them. "I love a good shoulder-pad," she said, while promoting her Fall 2017 collection for Fenty x Puma. "I never think that should go out of style. A broad shoulder makes a small waist, and I like that idea, a lot. I realize Celine and Balenciaga, which are two brands that I really love right now, are getting into stuff like that in their latest collection, and it is really amazing."

What is also amazing is how quick Rihanna is to the latest styles, from her Nina Ricci look which just hit the runway this past fashion month to her Yeti boots. "My secret weapon!," she told W, before revealing it. "I just use mind tricks. I enjoy new perspective. I get bored really easily, so I love when things can trigger an inspiration in my mind. Things I love the most are the things that I get jealous that I didn’t think of or come up with myself. Young, fresh, new perspective."

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