The jewelry-stealing characters of Ocean's Eight may have learned a thing or two from star Rihanna, who, though by no means sneaky, has nonetheless managed to amass a small trove of glasses taken from clubs and restaurants, as famously captured by paparazzi as she exits the premises. Appearing on The Graham Norton Show with her co-stars to promote the movie, the singer was presented with picture after picture that shows her walking confidently out of bars and eateries, drink in hand. Like, sure, it's always annoying to have to chug your drink because the meal is over, and sure, bringing alcohol outside the premises is probably...illegal...but the galling thing here is that she is just taking the crystalware! In fact, the photos in the slideshow don't even show the half of the occassions. Click through this Twitter thread to see how many times Rihanna has actually pulled this admittedly boss stunt:

But she has an explanation, she says. These aren't the restaurants' glasses. They're hers. She arrived with them and is now leaving with them, the way you or I might with tupperware or a cake pan, except it's a personal wine glass because she's Rihanna. They say to always watch your drink, so maybe this is just Rih's latest safety innovation? BYO cup? Is she about to drop a line of stemware in addition to her makeup and lingerie brands?

Watch the clip to see all of her excuses, and enjoy watching it slowly dawn on her what he's talking about, while Helena Bonham Carter looks just a bit disappointed that they aren't going to talk about her criminal exploits, which surely are plenty:

But be warned: don't try this at home. If any of we mere mortals were to nick a glass from ABC Kitchen or whatever, we would surely be reprimanded. This is a Rihanna-only privilege.

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