On the Verge

Renato Almeida, makeup artist.


It’s not often that one can convince Naomi Campbell to change her mind, but makeup artist Almeida managed to do so on a recent photo shoot, persuading the supermodel to eschew heavy foundation and contouring for a lighter look. “I like the skin to show,” says the 38-year-old São Paulo, Brazil, native, who takes the little-bit-goes-a-long-way approach to cosmetics. Skin is flawless yet not weighed down by cakey product; eyes are sexy and smoky without looking blacked out. “I use bronze eye shadow to give the illusion of darkness,” he says. “The shimmer reflects light, and you don’t look so punched.” Almeida honed his skills as an assistant for famed face painter Linda Cantello and has spent most of his career backstage at runway shows and on fashion shoots. Now he’s putting his light but impactful touch on the complexions of a few lucky clients. “For most women, getting their makeup done is such a treat, and they’re so excited, which I love,” says Almeida, who is becoming a regular on the wedding circuit. “With a model, that just doesn’t happen.”

New York,

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