On the Verge

Leanne Citrone, salon co-owner and hair specialist.


It isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Citrone to talk a client out of a haircut. She’s been known to say, “You’re still in the growing-out phase. It doesn’t look ratty yet,” and after a quick bang trim, send her on her way. Citrone, who co-owns the salon, has developed a reputation as a long-hair specialist, one whose signature style is cutting in subtle layers, giving hair a loose and easy—but somehow still neat—look. After getting an early start in her teens, working at her dad’s Florida salon, she spent five years at Privé, then six as a top stylist at celeb-packed Chris McMillan, before opening the salon with Lecompte. “I had the famous clients and the Saturday-night work calls,” says the 34-year-old, who has tended to the tresses of Benicio Del Toro and Leonardo DiCaprio. “Now I’ve got two kids with a seven o’clock bedtime, so I’m happier being in the salon than running all over town.” All the better for the chic mommies, entertainment execs and fashion designers who frequent her chair.

Andy Lecompte Salon, Los Angeles, 310.273.4100

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