On the Verge

Daryl Scott McDonald, Personal trainer.

McDonald understands the importance of remaining flexible in the gym—and we’re not talking about hamstring stretches. The 29-year-old New Yorker is a master at tailoring workouts on the fly to meet his clients’ needs. Sometimes that means leading an impromptu one-on-one Spinning class to help a client slim down for a photo shoot; other times it means frog-jumping across the room to get legs ready for a ski trip. “I had a woman come in one day, and she was so mad at her boss,” recalls McDonald. “I dropped the plan I had for her, and we boxed for an hour. She left sore but chill.” A former fashion stylist for the hip-hop industry, McDonald now counts models, attorneys and restaurateurs among his charges. “Daryl will look at me, look at a rack of weights and pick out the exact weight that will give me a perfect workout—each time, without exception,” says one. “There is never trial and error.”

Equinox Fitness Club, New York, 212.953.2499

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