Rob Piela

This personal trainer gets supermodels in fighting shape.

Rob Piela has the runway-model workout down to a science—so it’s no surprise that his clients include a dozen Victoria’s Secret show vets and four women who posed for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. “We start with jump rope—there’s no better way to slim down legs—and we end with ballet-inspired floor exercises,” says the former pro fighter, who was the national director of education for Crunch Fitness before opening Gotham Gym in New York in 2011. “In the middle, we box,” he says, explaining that it is a perfect balance of cardio and resistance training. “All the girls I work with can fight—boxing is great for someone who’s competitive,” Piela adds. Maybe that’s why Gotham also attracts NBA players, restaurant magnates, and movie stars like Hugh Jackman—any of whom you might see working out in front of the gym on the quiet West Village sidewalk, where trainers and clients sometimes head if the weather is nice. Competitive spirit runs in the family. “I have daughters who are 5 and 3,” Piela says. “They both know how to throw a punch.”