Ron Burgundy Took Over Late Night TV and It Was Glorious

Unless your name is Shawn Mendes.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 6

Either Will Ferrell cloned himself, or large chunks of late night TV were pre-taped on Thursday, when Ferrell’s alter-ego, Ron Burgundy, simultaneously appeared on The Late Show, Conan, The Late Late Show, Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and The Tonight Show, all in one night.

The whirlwind TV takeover was done to promote his self-titled iHeartRadio podcast, which is set to enter its second season. To mark the occasion, Ferrell as Burgundy gifted us with a whopping six stand-up sets, which featured a wacky blend of observational humor, oddball showbiz stories, and pure, unbridled rage.

Unfortunately for Shawn Mendes, a good chunk of that rage was aimed squarely at him. During his stand-up set on The Tonight Show, Burgundy called out the pop sensation for stealing his thunder. “I wrote that song about Camila Cabello because she broke my heart, but now all the fans think that he wrote it about her, but he didn’t,” he said of Mendes’ hit song, “If I Can’t Have You.” “I did. I wrote the damn song. I swear to you I wrote the song and now I’m the laughing stock of the pop music world.”

Mendes wasn’t the only pop star to get the Ron Burgundy treatment. When the legendary San Diego newscaster sat down to chat with Jimmy Fallon, he spilled the beans about a violent tryst he had with none other than Kylie Minogue. “Two words: Kylie Minogue,” he said when asked who his favorite podcast guest has been. “You never want to meet your heroes and boy, Kylie and I, from the moment she came into the studio, we just looked at each other and it was on. She just bit me right in the ass.” According to Burgundy, they eventually woke up in the emergency room “covered in cuts.”

It sounds like season 2 is going to be must-listen stuff. Check out some highlights from Ron Burgundy’s late night bonanza below.

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