Ranking Will Ferrell’s Saturday Night Live Sketches, From Least Will Ferrell To Most Will Ferrell

Just how Ferrell was he?

Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Photo by: Will Heath/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Will Ferrell with musical guest Chris Stapleton, was hosted by Will Ferrell. Yes, I just said that twice, because when Will Ferrell hosts SNL, that’s what you need to know about that episode of SNL. It’s Will Ferrell, people. Cowbell! Lovers! Spartans! He defined the show for an entire generation, and it seems only right that the sketches be judged simply by how Will Ferrell they were.

So, instead of ranking the show’s sketches from best to worst, we’re ranking them by how Essentially Will Ferrell they were. Here, our guide to last night’s sketches, from least to most Will Ferrell:

12. The House

This is a super fun look at a low-stakes Big Brother-type reality show, but it’s so much of the (delightfully odd and deadpan) Kyle Mooney/Beck Bennett sensibility that we must declare it the Least Ferrell of the night (even with so many bonus points for that Tracy Morgan cameo).

11. Next: For Men

One of three sketches of the night to address sexual misconduct, “Next: For Men” is an ad for an extra-strong anti-perspirant for men who are, well, next to be called out for harassment or assault.

10. Dinner Discussion

Again tackling the topic of sexual misconduct, this is all about how uncomfortable it is to, well, address the topic of sexual misconduct. The whole cast squirms in equal measure, and in his most Ferrell moment of the sketch, Will plunges his face into a plate of pasta.

9. Commercial Shoot

In a parody of (or homage to?) this YouTube video, Will Ferrell and Kate McKinnon play pronunciation-challenged old people who have raised “five sons and some daughters.”

8. Flight Attendants

Everyone really needs to pay attention to the safety instructions because there is no God and when you’re dead you’re dead.

7. Fighter Pilots

How far can Ferrell take a joke about a clown penis? Into space, apparently.

6. Chucky Lee Byrd

Again touching on sexual creepiness, this sketch finds Ferrell the happy-go-lucky singer of rock tunes about, um, underage girls.

5. Office Breakroom

During his years at SNL, Ferrell was famous for committing 100% to every moment in every sketch, and “Office Breakroom” is a perfect example of how powerful that can be. Nothing “happens” in the sketch, but simply by investing more and more and digging himself further into a hole, Ferrell manages to heighten the stakes and ratchet up his character’s craziness. Bravo, sir.

4. Jacob Silj on Weekend Update

He’s a very loud economist. I’m not sure why this is so funny, I just know it’s very funny.

3. The Monologue

Ferrell’s obviously funny all the time, but he’s at his best when he’s in character, so since he had to be “himself” for the monologue, he played…himself with a head wound. And memory loss. And opinions about how many musical monologues the show does.

2. Reality Stars

Will Ferrell with a f-cked up face hurling chicken at Mikey Day and holding a tiny dog. Very Ferrell indeed! Almost everyone was breaking down into laughter by the end of this sketch; I implore you to press play and find out why.

1. George W. Bush Cold Open

Ferrell as W. Enough said.

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