One of the biggest knocks against Kendall Jenner and the extended Kardashian clan is that, frankly, people pay a little too much attention to every little thing that they do and the family, in particularly braintrust of the operation Kris Jenner, has gotten a little too good about using that fact to their advantage. A random Kardashian could attend the opening of an Arby's and it would wind up in Page Six or Hollywood Life. One of them could launch a line of deli meats, say, Khloe's Kold Kuts, and it would sell out in 24 hours. Though, the family does use their power for good at times, but it took Will Ferrell to use that dynamic for both optimum good and optimum low-key hilarious brilliance.

Ferrell is the celebrity face of Cancer for College, an organization founded by his former USC frat brother Craig Pollard, a two-time cancer survivor himself. The group's mission is to provide college scholarships for lower and middle class cancer survivors. Turns out that in America too many families struggle to find funds to not only ensure that child and teenage cancer patients survive, but then to send them to college as well. It's almost like both the health care and college tuition systems are somehow broken.

Ferrell's PSA starts out pretty straight forward until you realize that you remember that black-and-white spiral staircase behind him from somewhere. Just, watch for yourself.

As Ferrell informs watchers that he'll be personally matching all donations up to $250,000 throughout the end of the year, a confused Kris Jenner casually walks by in the background. Then Kendall Jenner, otherwise busy staring at her iPhone, accidentally bumps into him. The pair then go about their business, only slightly confused by the PSA being filmed in their foyer.

"If you donate $10, it's like $10. If you donate $50, it's like whatever that would come to," says Ferrell in the foreground. "You do the math. Look, math isn't how I got this house you're looking at."

"Is that Seth Rogen," Kendall whispers at the end.

You can donate and find out more about Cancer for College on their website. You can find out more about the Kardashians on literally half the other websites on the internet.

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