Rosalía’s “F*cking Money Man” Music Video is Inspired by Game Shows

The Spanish singer drops two-song video suite "F*cking Money Man."


Rosalía, rising flamenco-pop superstar, has released a video featuring two new tracks under the name “F*cking Money Man.” Known for her visual storytelling and over-the-top themes, the two-song video suite doesn’t disappoint.

The first of the two songs, titled “Milionaría,” is inspired by Catalan rumba and features Rosalía as a contestant on a 90’s game show, complete with a money booth, scrunchies, and corny fonts. The second part of the video, featuring a song titled “Dio$ No$ Libre del Dinero,” is a dramatic shift in tone. The singer gives a TV performance while standing in a different kind of money booth, surrounded by a ring of fire as dollar bills rain around her. She also traded a fuzzy pink crop top for a black and gold Moschino ensemble from the fall 2019 collection that, incidentally, was presented in a runway show that was also game show-themed.

“One day you want to be a millionaire and the next day burn everything, in reality, how much does money matter?” Rosalía explained in a press release, as reported by Billboard. “It seems so pure to look for it as to deny it, and I think we’ve all felt love-hate for money once.”

The release comes hot on the heels of the single “Aute Cuture,” which was released along with a campy video which quickly went viral, in which Rosalía stars as the leader of the “Beauty Gang,” who open a nail salon in a small town. While Rosalía’s fur, latex, and western ensembles impress, it’s her gold talons that really steal the show, and she and her gang of rogue manicurists proceed to give everyone in town bedazzled acrylics of their own.

After her more mainstream pop releases, like “Aute Cuture” and “Con Altura,” “F*cking Money Man” marks a return to Rosalía’s signature experimental flamenco sound, mixing the traditional Spanish genre with R&B and electronic elements. The pop phenomenon has proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with, and she shows no signs of slowing down.