Rosario Dawson Isn’t Giving Up Her Career Just Because She’s Dating a Presidential Candidate

She's booked and busy, even if she's dating a presidential candidate.


As you may have heard, Rosario Dawson happens to be dating a man currently running for president of the United States. After a few months of speculation, Dawson and her new boo, New Jersey senator Cory Booker, both confirmed the news with a certain sense of giddiness. Booker even recently admitted that he got nervous asking the actress for her phone number in the first place. No matter what you happen to make of the senator’s brand of politics, you have to admit they make a cute duo.

Of course, unlike most VIP cute duos whose relationship milestones are chronicled in the gossip columns, there’s a chance, should multiple things work out, that the pair could wind up in the White House one day as the first couple (or, failing that, perhaps even as vice president and second lady). Which, yes, means that the actress who got her start in Larry Clark’s cult classic Kids could one day be a Washington power partner. Even taking into account that our current first lady is a retired glamour model, it’s still a bit of a unique situation.

Though, it appears that Dawson is not ready to put her own career aspirations on hold just because she happens to be dating a man currently pursuing the ultimate in American politics. Dawson has been a consistently booked and busy actress for over 20 years now, and she’s certainly not about to give it all up.

Indeed, Dawson’s latest role was just announced today. After costarring in Clerks II 13 years ago, director Kevin Smith announced on Instagram today that Dawson would be rejoining the franchise as it’s rebooted in his upcoming Jay and Silent Bob movie (although, it appears she’ll play an entirely new character). The announcement came with a particularly touching tribute to Dawson from Smith.

Of course, that’s not all Dawson has lined up. She’s already shot the upcoming films Someone Great and Zombieland: Double Tap, will continue her recurring guest-star stint on Jane the Virgin, and hassigned on to provide voice acting for animated series The Last Kids on Earth.

She’s also signed on to star in David Oyelowo’s upcoming directorial debut The Water Man, and will play the lead in Sam Esmail’s upcoming Mr. Robot follow-up series Briarpatch (the USA series will be fashioned as a anthology, which we suppose means Dawson isn’t beholden to a second season should the series prove a hit). She’ll play an investigator who returns to her hometown on the border of Texas and Mexico after her sister is murdered in the latter project.

Though the role of a presidential candidate’s personal partner is steeped in tradition and expectations, something about this seems appropriately modern. Dawson and Booker are still only in the early stages of their courtship, and regardless of the particulars, a candidate’s partner should be free to pursue their own professional ambitions during the campaign. The fact that Dawson’s career happens to be so high-profile only drives the point home.