Rose Byrne debuted a stunning new hair color on Thursday, when she attended the opening night of the Broadway play The Lifespan of a Fact in support of her longtime partner Bobby Cannavale. And while we're sure the play, which also stars Daniel Radcliffe, is a revelation, it's hard not to focus instead on Byrne's bold new platinum blonde hairdo.

The Bridesmaids star has rarely, if ever, been seen with hair not some shade of chestnut, making this week's much lighter 'do all the more dazzling. Byrne's new look is a sleek, medium-length chop that reaches just past her collarbone and features a few longer layers in front. Her multidimensional platinum shade was complemented by almost a full inch of strikingly dark roots, and what seem to be slightly more golden shades at her ends and surrounding those chocolate-y roots. To maximize the impact of her bold new look, Byrne wore a shimmering metallic dress from Les Coyotes de Paris, according to Entertainment Tonight.

rose byrne hair 1

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

rose byrne hair 2

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ET also speculated about whether Byrne's new style was, perhaps, preparation for an upcoming role, to which we respond: Maybe! Actors have indeed been known to transform themselves physically for roles, and while dyeing one's hair is admittedly not as extreme as, say, gaining a whole bunch of weight and fully taking on the persona of a certain former vice president, it does look like way more fun.

In fact, maybe that's why Rose Byrne decided to go blonde — isn't there some old saying that suggests that blondes somehow get more enjoyment out of life than the rest of us? Hopefully, the actor will be able to report back on that hypothesis in the coming weeks.

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