NBA players are without a doubt the biggest fans of attending fashion week, when they can get away from the basketball court. And now that the season is over, they've got time to fly to Europe for the men's shows. This season, Russell Westbrook, a star player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, was impossible to miss sitting front row at shows like Louis Vuitton and Dior.

Westbrook, a California native who is known for his sideline dance moves, has attended fashion weeks before in New York, Milan, and Paris, and each season he ups his game in terms of street style. Last week, for example, he took some risks in a Sacai jumpsuit (not to be confused with a RompHim), wide-leg Dior pants, and a Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt, which he left generously unbuttoned. Of course, there were also track pants, sneakers, and large gold chains in the mix. However, Westbrook didn't get the memo about experimenting with women's clothes, saying he would never wear them. But one step at a time.

Below, Russell Westbrook, who is a candidate for MVP of the year at tonight's NBA Awards show, dispatches on his do's and don'ts of style, as well as his most recent fashion week experience.

Three words that describe your style:

Unique, authentic, unpredictable.

Style icons/inspirations:

My mom.

What you’re wearing right this minute:

Jeans, vintage t-shirt, denim jacket, and tie-dye Westbrook 0.2's.

Something you would never wear:

Women's clothes.

Favorite accessories:

Gold chain.

First pair of sneakers you owned as a kid:

I don't remember the first pair, but I remember my mom waiting in line to get me some Jordan's as a kid, and I loved them!

Preferred sneakers on the court:

Jordan 31's.

Preferred footwear off the court:

Del Toro loafers.

Russell Westbrook wears Dior matching separates at Paris Fashion Week. Photo by Adam Katz Sinding.

Number of suitcases you brought for Paris Fashion Week:

Three: two for clothes and one for shoes.

Looks you packed:

At least ten, but I can't remember exactly.

Shows you attended:

Louis Vuitton, Dior, Sacai, and VLONE.

Looks/specific pieces you saw that you would wear right off the runway:

There were items at each show I would wear depending on where I am going, especially some of the pieces from Sacai.

Russell Westbrook wears a Sacai jumpsuit at Paris Fashion Week.

Adam Katz Sinding

What did you think of Drake’s new song at Louis Vuitton?

I liked it and it was a great addition to the show.

What songs are you currently listening to on repeat right now?

"Location" by Khalid.

Did you go to any after parties?

Not really. I am a dad now, and 3 a.m. feedings don't allow for a lot of after parties.

Did you see anything that surprised you?

I really liked the Sacai show and her use of great fabrics.

Fashion pet peeve:

When people try and be something they aren't. Everyone should be authentic and wear what makes them feel comfortable.

Russell Westbrook outside of Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week. Photo by Adam Katz Sinding.

Most prized possession in your closet:

The Tom Ford tuxedo I got married in.

Go-to grooming products:


You recently posted a Gucci diaper bag on Snapchat. Are there any other designer products you got for your son? Are you excited to dress him in anything?

Not yet, he is too young.

Are you the best dressed man in Oklahoma? If not, who is?

I think I am the best dressed man anywhere.

What you’re looking forward to doing once fashion week is over:

Spending time with my family.

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