Interior designer Ryan Korban’s new candle collection.


When Ryan Korban, 28, walks into any space, he instantly notices the smell. “It’s something I just always pick up on,” explains the interior designer responsible for Alexander Wang’s flagship SoHo shop and the Upper East Side’s Fivestory boutique (far left). “Scent’s always been a big part of who I am.” It was only a matter of time before he crafted his own, and in 2010, when he met Kilian Hennessy, 40—the maker of such addictive scents as Cruel Intentions, Tempt Me, and Love & Tears, Surrender—he knew he’d found his collaborator. “Kilian’s fragrances always have some deviance,” Korban says. After many trials, Hennessy came upon a combination of patchouli, papyrus, wood, and leather that they deemed sufficiently cool and elegant. The Ryan Korban by Kilian candle ($165, is housed in matte glass topped with a striking shagreen lid. “It’s layer after layer of luxury,” Hennessy says.

Still Life: Marko Metzinger; Courtesy Of Ryan Korban