Scarlett Johansson

Throwing Curves


There’s no denying Scarlett Johansson’s ample assets. She’s been described as “voluptuous,” “buxom” and “healthy”—adjectives that tend to turn corn-fed Hollywood newcomers into incredible shrinking women. The fact that Johansson has maintained her bombshell proportions sets her apart from her cookie-cutter contemporaries. It also continues to captivate one of the most A.D.D.-afflicted audiences out there—men, including the editors of Esquire (who dubbed her Sexiest Woman Alive) and Woody Allen. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton gets that Johansson appeals to women too; she’s in her second season as the house’s campaign star. How many skinny starlets would love to have such gigs? Those actresses, and countless stargazing real girls, could take a lesson.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images