Ink Spot

Marc Jacobs and Free Arts NYC celebrate Scott Campbell at their 15th Annual Auction.

Marc Jacobs and Scott Campbell

A diverse crowd including artist Andre Saravia, collector Laura de Gunzburg, and model Erin Wasson braved the torrential conditions on Wednesday night to support Free Arts NYC at their annual auction. Donated works by Alex Katz, Dustin Yellin, and Alex Da Corte transformed New York’s The Garage into a pop up gallery where guests sipped cocktails and liberally applied temporary tattoos designed by the night’s guest of honor, tattoo artist Scott Campbell. “I like everything Scott does,” said the evening’s co-host Marc Jacobs, who boasts 30 tattoos by Campbell. “It’s always Scott. It’s done with heart. And it’s always got his personality and sense of humor.”

Campbell’s wife Lake Bell lounged on Barcelona chairs with Jacobs and Orange is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne, while Paddle8’s Alexander Gilkes presided over the live auction—proceeds from which will provide underserved children and families with arts education and mentoring. Campbell’s previous mentorship initiative for Free Arts NYC, for which he had to find volunteers willing to receive tattoos from the organization’s teen trainees, was also a success. “Within 24 hours we had 200 volunteers,” says Campbell, who used his Instagram account to recruit participants. “It really made me realize that if you give someone the opportunity to good, they’ll do good.”

Photos: Ink Spot

Marc Jacobs and Scott Campbell. Photo by David X Prutting/

Lake Bell and Natasha Lyonne. Photo by David X Prutting/

Noot Seear and Erin Wasson. Photo by David X Prutting/

Andre Saraiva, Todd Eberle, and Thierry Guetta. Photo by David X Prutting/

Drake Burnette. Photo by David X Prutting/

Laura de Gunzburg and Lorenzo Martone. Photo by David X Prutting/

Athena Calderone. Photo by David X Prutting/