Blood Into Wine

Tattoo artist Scott Campbell hits the bottle.


Scott Campbell’s tattoo designs have appeared on Marc Jacobs and Kanye West, on dollar bills in art galleries, and on Louis Vuitton duffel bags. Now the Brooklyn artist is finding a headier medium with the introduction of Saved Wines. The collaboration with Wild Horse vintner Clay Brock has yielded a fruit-forward red and a rosé dubbed Magic Maker—Campbell’s term for the tattooer’s role as “superstition mechanic.” In fact, it was the wealth of rituals and superstitions in both winemaking and skin art that linked the pair when they met in Paso Robles, California, last year. Campbell inked the labels and collaborated on the blending to create a wine he would be comfortable drinking all evening—“not something that’s so aggressive and complex that it has its moment and is overstimulating beyond that.” Spoken like a man who helps celebrities choose their images carefully. (

Photos: Clockwise: Alex Farnum; Cass Bird; courtesy of Scott Campbell