Selena Gomez and Cardi B’s Music Video: Everything We Know So Far

Here’s what we learned from scouring Instagram.

Selena Gomez.
Steven Klein

Today in collaborations we did not see coming, Cardi B and Selena Gomez just shot a music video with DJ Snake and Ozuna. And Cardi’s daughter, Kulture, may or may not be in the video as well.

Cardi was the first to tease the project, posting a picture of the personalized chairs used by the foursome on set, plus a tiny one for Kulture, on Friday night. We have to imagine that Cardi didn’t actually make her daughter sit behind her; the arrangement is for the ’gram. She captioned the pic, “Soon come 😉 ON SET!”

DJ Snake posted a clearer version of the same picture on his own account.

A few hours later, Gomez posted her own behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, showing her, in red satin shorts, hugging Cardi, in a red lacy bustier. And basically everyone was wearing red. She captioned the three-picture series, “today was so fun.”

Gomez showed more from behind the scenes in her Instagram Stories, alluding first to some physical exertion on set in a video: “So basically they asked me after I am sweating to do liners, and to do everything. So now I look like this…,” a reference to her dewy skin and curled hair, which frankly looked fantastic. “And the queen”—by which she means Cardi—“looks flawless, as always.” Agreed.

She signed off her video to fans by adding, “I hope you like our song.”

And on Saturday morning, Cardi posted a video on her Instagram Stories that confirmed what the other pictures hinted at. “I just finished filming this, um, this video for DJ Snake featuring Ozuna and Selena Gomez. I love this song, I love the video, y’all gonna love this record. I love it,” she says in the clip. According to her caption, the song and video will be out “soon.” Cardi spends the rest of the video showing off her daughter, Kulture’s—whom she calls Culture Vulture—wardrobe. It’s all Gucci, by the way.

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