Proving that moms really do know best, Selena Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey, just talked about attacks on her daughter's looks and reputation with total class, and described the right kind of guy for the pop and movie star, who understandably can't just pop onto Bumble to find a date. Speaking to People, Teefey said she'd like to see Gomez with someone who has, “A sense of humor,” is “family-oriented,” and “truly understands the life that she lives.” Selena's life, especially her love life, is such a topic of tabloid speculation, that maybe not every twenty-something dude is up to the task of dealing with that level of scrutiny. “I empathize with her a lot because could you imagine trying to find someone who isn’t in this business that understands, they’re gonna read she’s cheating every five minutes on them? That’s a special person,” said Teefey. And ultimately, fame should be the last thing on this guy's mind. “I want them to care about her and not the fame and not trying to sell things or become something.”

As for the recent mini-uproar caused when designer Stefano Gabbana apparently called the young star "ugly" on social media, Teefey basically brushed it off, saying, “when someone has a desire to speak out about something by using a word so hateful...we ignore it.” She explained that on social media, people just want a reaction, whether it's good or bad, so their family's strategy is to "disappear for a while and realize that’s [the commenter's] issue.”

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