Go Green

With Sergio Rossi and Livia Firth.

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What: A cocktail party in celebration of the first Green Carpet Collection, a collaboration between footwear label Sergio Rossi and Livia Firth’s brand Eco-Age.

When: Thursday, September 3rd.

Where: The Wellington Arch in London.

Who: Livia Firth was joined by her husband, the actor Colin Firth, Kerig CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, photographer Nick Knight, and model Leah Weller.

Why: We can’t say no to a pair of chic stilettos or a good cause.

Photos: Go Green

Caroline Rush, Colin Firth, Nadja Swarovsi, Livia Firth, and Angelo Ruggeri. Photo by Getty Images.

The Sergio Rossi Green Carpet Collection of Luxury Accessories. Photo by Getty Images.

Leah Weller. Photo by Getty Images.

Noella Coursaris. Photo by Getty Images.