The question on Big Little Lies may be whether Shailene Woodley's character does anything with that gun that crosses the legal line, but in real life the young actress is dealing with her own legal drama, though, it may soon be coming to end.

Woodley was among one of the loudest voices in Hollywood protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. The 25-year-old environmental activist traveled out to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in October, and was subsequently arrested on charged of criminal trespassing and engaging in a riot. The date, October 10th, was Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and Woodley has not been shy about her reasons for protesting or her arrest.

In an first person essay written for Time, she hoped that the publicity surrounding the matter would spur others into action.

"Simply feeding off the hype of a celebrity’s arrest ain’t going to save the world," she wrote. "But, standing together will. Please stand in solidarity with the Sioux people of Standing Rock Reservation to ensure that we still have rivers to swim in, springs to drink from and lakes to float on. Will you join us?"

Though, she has still had to deal with the legal repercussions. After originally pleading not guilty, Woodley is negotiating for a plea deal that would keep her out of jail and avoid a trial. The maximum sentence for her charges was a month in jail and a $1,500 fine.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Woodley signed a document on Friday agreeing to conditions of serving a year of unsupervised probation and forfeiting her original $500 bail bond. Though, a judge most approve of the deal before it become official.

While Woodley's personal legal drama may soon be coming to end, the saga of Standing Rock is not.

President Obama had temporarily halted plans for construction of DAPL through the land of the Standing Rock Reservation, but once in office, President Trump issued an executive order putting the project back on track under "terms and conditions to be negotiated."

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