Shanina Shaik Creates the Ultimate At-Home Spa

“To get that full experience, if you have someone at home, get them to do this for you. Put on some spa music. Get the whole spa treatment.”

Shanina Shaik Coffee Scrub Mask

Shanina Shaik is engaging in serious self-care during quarantine. The Australian model has come up with three DIY masks for exfoliation, anti-aging, and hydration that you can create in your own home, using ingredients you probably already have in the fridge.

Preparation:Before you begin, make sure to wash your hands, and cleanse and massage your face. You don’t need a jade roller to do this. You can use your hands and push everything up, giving a lymphatic massage. I love using a cold jade roller from the fridge—it’s best because it gets rid of all of that puffy skin.

Tips:When you’re doing this, to get that full experience, if you have someone at home, get them to do this for you. Put on some spa music. Get the whole spa treatment. I would say, make these face masks in the morning or the night before so you can create that whole spa experience where you don’t have to get up and make it each time.

Coffee Face Scrub MaskWhat I love about this coffee scrub is that it’s not just for the face, it’s for your body as well. This exfoliating mask is great for clearing all those dead skin cells and getting that skin like a baby. The coconut oil is super hydrating and it’s great for the aging process and wrinkles. The coffee is great for puffiness and redness, and the sugar acts as an exfoliant. Ingredients:2 tablespoons melted coconut oil1/8 cup sugar1 1/2 tablespoons coffee groundsDirections:Mix together all of the ingredients. Use your fingers to apply the mask to the face and exfoliate. Don’t go too rough on your skin, for about three minutes. If you have leftovers, you can keep it in a jar by your shower and then when you’re in the shower, you can put this on. After three minutes, wash off the scrub with warm water. Be super careful when you’re taking it off. Don’t be too rough on your skin.

Glowing Anti-aging MaskThis anti-aging mask will make your skin feel super tight and pulled back, snatched, and super glowing too. The egg in this formula is really great for shrinking pores, really good for wrinkles and glowing skin. The lemon acts as an antioxidant and it’s high in vitamin C, which creates collagen.Ingredients:1 egg white1 tablespoon lemon juiceDirections:Combine all of the ingredients, and apply the mask to the face. I usually use a foundation brush that I wash after, but you can use an old paintbrush, any brush. Make sure not to forget the neck. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. Get some tea, watch a show, put some spa music on. This mask will get super tight as it dries. After 10-15 minutes, wash the mask off with warm water.

Hydrating MaskThis hydrating mask is made of avocado and honey and will leave your skin will feel hydrated and glossy. Avocado is very healing and cooling on the skin and so is honey. Honey is really recommended for face masks. It’s great for acne as well.Ingredients:1 tablespoon melted coconut oil1 tablespoon honey1/4 avocadoDirections:Combine all of the ingredients and mash them into a paste. Use a brush to brush to apply the mask to the skin. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes. If you don’t use all of the mask, you can keep it in the fridge and use it again. After 15 minutes, wash the mask off with warm water.

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