This week, Shia LaBeouf's Honey Boy premiered at Sundance, bringing not only him but his girlfriend FKA Twigs to the film festival. With that, the pair inadvertently gave the world their first red carpet photo opportunity together — well, alongside the rest of their film cast mates. Apparently, the "weird" pair were somewhat "standoffish" during their Sundance trip, as one source reported.

According to this person, “They barely interacted.” “It was strange," the source told Page Six, seemingly without any awareness that "strange" is somewhat their norm — at least as far as tabloid fodder is concerned. "They would pose for cast photos but even then they stood far apart. It just seemed odd.”

Is it odd, though? Without making any conclusions about the status of their relationship based one anonymous tip, it is pretty normal actually for LaBeouf and Twigs to want to keep the focus on the film and not their relationship. They've already been pretty public with their relationship in Paris and in Los Angeles, where they were photographed kissing last year. So it's not surprising that the source also reasoned, “Maybe they’re just standoffish while working.”

At this point, LaBeouf and Twigs have been together for at least four months. They were first rumored to be an item last September and that the musician, dancer and actress confirmed that when she told a Daily Mail reporter that “we’re very happy” over her apartment intercom.

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The couple met while working on the film Honey Boy, which is based on the director, writer and child star LaBeouf's life. It touches on everything from his experience as a child star to his performance art career. One thing it does not include is his relationship and fake marriage to Mia Goth.

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Back in 2016, LaBeouf and Goth went to a chapel in Las Vegas for an impromptu Elvis-themed wedding, which they reportedly never actually made legal before separating. Still, his rep told Page Six of their split that “Shia and Mia have filed for divorce. The separation is amicable, and all details pertaining to the divorce proceedings will remain private.” Twigs was also getting over a relationship that almost led to marriage when she met LaBeouf: she and Robert Pattinson broke up in 2017 after a two-year engagement.

Regardless of their current relationship status, Twigs and LaBeouf's red carpet appearances are always anything but boring.