Made in S&H

Shipley & Halmos pops up on Canal Street

Since you’ll already be at Spring Studios in TriBeCa this season for the Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein fall 2014 shows, we suggest making a dash across the street to check out the kitschy Shipley & Halmos Canal Street pop-up shop, which will be open today through February 23. Designed to fit in with the rest of the street’s anonymous-looking, hole-in-the-wall stores, the Made in S&H concept shop will sell products from the Shipley & Halmos menswear line along with collaborative odds and ends, such as hand-painted Vans and Billykirk iPhone cases. Our favorite offering is a limited-edition DS & Durga fragrance designed as a knock-off of the brand’s existing Italian Citrus juice. The imitation was given a slightly heavier dose of citrus notes than the original and will come in different bottles under three different pseudonyms: Taang Sport, Eve’s St. L’orange, and When a Mandarin Loves a Woman. Unlike your typical fake, however, these bottles come at a bit of a markup—$120 each compared to $106 for the original.

*385 Canal Street (between Thompson and West Broadway), February 4th through February 23rd, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.***

Photos: Made in S&H

The Made in S&H concept shop. Photo by Will Crakes.

A limited-edition DS & Durga fragrance. Photo courtesy of S&H.

Hand-painted Vans. Photo courtesy of S&H.

Shipley & Halmos keychain. Photo courtesy of S&H.

Shipley & Halmos t-shirt. Photo courtesy of S&H.

A limited-edition DS & Durga fragrance. Photo courtesy of S&H.

Shipley & Halmos mug. Photo courtesy of S&H.