A few other gems from the show below:


[#image: /photos/5853907557dfc3b0230f82e1]||||||Left, Wendy Ramshaw's sterling silver, topaz, aquamarine, cubic zirconium and glass necklace; right, Jeweler Jonathan Wahl's "Darth Vader's Mouthpiece." (Surprise -- it's actually a charcoal sketch; Wahl is exhibiting a series of jewelry-based drawings.)

[#image: /photos/58539075c7188f9b26c92f5b]||||||Left, Meghann Jones' stainless steel and acrylic paint necklace; right, Gerda Flockinger's 18k gold, diamond and South Sea pearl ring.

The fair runs April 16 to April 19 at the Park Avenue Armory.