Special Edition

Louis Vuitton celebrates Sofia Coppola’s guest-edited issue of W

Sofia Coppola

On Monday night, Louis Vuitton hosted an intimate dinner in honor of Sofia Coppola’s special edition of W at New York’s La Grenouille. With its rosy pink interior, mirrored walls, and climbing floral arrangements, the restaurant was just the right setting in which to fete the filmmaker’s issue, which celebrates glamour and refinement. Molly Shannon, who wrote a funny piece on hospitality for Sofia’s W, grinned from ear-to-ear as she discussed her friend’s editorial endeavor. “She’s so specific about what she likes and what she doesn’t like that she’s just a natural editor and curator,” she said. Throughout the evening, guests—including Cornelia Guest, Anna Sui, Phoebe Philo, Cindy Sherman, Asia Chow, Debbie Harry, and W’s Editor in Chief Stefano Tonchi and Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg—discussed their favorite stories from Coppola’s creation. Dick Page’s makeover piece was a hit at one table, while a story on Marc Jacobs’s den was the unanimous favorite at another. Jacobs, who lounged on a cushioned red seat in an embellished navy blazer and scuffed Adidas sneakers, had not yet seen the issue, but nonetheless declared, “Everything Sofia does is great.”

Photos: Special Edition

Sofia Coppola. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Lee Radziwell and Phoebe Philo. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Asia Chow, Daniele Cavalli, and Eva Chow. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Debbie Harry. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Sofia Coppola’s place card at dinner. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Jacqueline Humphries, Tony Oursler, Stefano Tonchi, and Cornelia Guest. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Cindy Sherman. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Michelle Hicks and Anna Sui. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Rachel Dratch and jackie Hoffman. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Jennifer Tilly, Eugene Pack, and Molly Shannon. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

John Currin and Rachel Feinstein. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

Rainer Judd. Photo by Neil Rasmus /

The atmosphere at La Grenouille. Photo by Neil Rasmus /