Fourteen years after the premiere of South Park, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are still leaving no cultural touchstone unturned—and no act of public insincerity or stupidity unpunished. In addition to their animated sitcom for Comedy Central, the duo garnered nine Tony Awards in June for The Book of Mormon, their Broadway-musical mockery of organized religion. The latest season of South Park continues on October 5. Stone admits that when they first got started, they couldn’t imagine that they would still be doing this at age 40: “I just turned 40, and Trey is 42,” Stone says. “We’re staring into the abyss.” Although the pair have signed on for two more seasons, they’d like to get out before being diagnosed with the disease afflicting Stan at the end of last season—a condition his doctor called “Being a Cynical Asshole.”

Photo: PR Newswire