Reality TV cameras, booms and all, have become a regular presence at almost every party we go to, and this week they were out in full force, with all lenses focused on the men of the beauty industry. At Ted Gibson's salon on lower Fifth Avenue, we were told by a publicist that we "just missed" Kate Gosselin (damn), but we did get a glimpse of one of the new Real Housewives of D.C.: Mary Amons. There was no bouffant, no American flag pin, no sensible heels in sight. Apparently plenty of filming for the show was done in Gibson's Chevy Chase salon, and his partner, Jason Backe, told me that he's known as the sixth housewife. To prove it, he'll have to pick a fight with each and every one of them.

[#image: /photos/5853a32fc7188f9b26c9359c]||||||From left: Lea Michele with hairstylist Mark Townsend; the Olsens

Further downtown, in a suite at the Smyth Hotel in Tribeca, hairstylist Mark Townsend was celebrating the debut of his new website, Markt Beauty. Lea Michele lounged inside, happily doing interviews, while Jessica Biel and Maggie Gyllenhaal hung on the terrace, along with buzzed-about newcomer Jennifer Lawrence. When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen walked through the crowd, we swear the YSL Tribute-clad partygoers went silent and cleared a very narrow path so they could properly eye the ensembles (crochet on top, black layers on bottom, for both).

At Francesco Clark’s party for his new book Walking Papers, Maggie Rizer, Karolina Kurkova, Lisa Airan, Jeanine Lobell, Nikki Kinnaird and Ivan Bart toasted the inspirational man behind the Clark’s Botanicals brand in the penthouse of 60 Thompson.