Picture Perfect

The International Center of Photography honors Steven Klein.

Steven Klein and Brooke Candy

What: The International Center of Photography’s annual Infinity Awards, honoring this year’s fashion photography recipient Steven Klein, amongst others.

When: Monday, April 28th

Where: Chelsea Piers in New York.

Who: Friends from both sides of the lens gathered to congratulate Klein including artists Clifford Ross and Adam Broomberg, models Crystal Renn and Daria Strokous, and muse Daphne Guinness.

Why: Despite the excitement of the evening, Klein did not pause to reflect on the past, but instead looked forward. “It is validation from an institute that I respect and admired,” he said. “My proudest achievement lies always in the future before me.”

Photos: Picture Perfect

Steven Klein and Brooke Candy. © Ben Jarosch

Daphne Guinness. © Ben Jarosch

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. © Ben Jarosch

Crystal Renn. © Ben Jarosch

Clifford Ross. © Ben Jarosch

Daria Strokous. © Ben Jarosch

Stefano Tonchi and David Maupin. © Ben Jarosch

Erik Madigan Heck. © Ben Jarosch

Pat Schoenfeld. © Ben Jarosch

Samuel James. © Ben Jarosch