Friends with benefits takes on a whole new meaning at the Standard Spa Miami Beach, where a new shop in partnership with the OHWOW gallery, STND X OHWOW, recently opened. The cultural cultivators who...


Designed by Rafael de Cardenas, of Architecture at Large, the space “aims to create discovery.” “There’s a history of small spaces like this one,” says Cardenas. “I always reference this absolutely amazing jewelry store in Vienna called Schullin when I work on a project like this one. Jewelry stores do small spaces well; they know how to narrow your focus.”

In focus at STND X OHWOW are books from artists/friends-of-the-Standard like Brian Donnelly (whose monograph from Rizzoli was launched at the store during Art Basel), Jose Parla, Ari Marcopolous, Tim Barber and Scott Campbell. Other artist editions include Julia Chiang’s gorgeous porcelain apples and a new set of light bulbs from Donnelly whose colored filament bears his signature “XX.”

Shop Photos by Floto + Warner